Customer Patron Services


Available to Sysco valued customers, these solutions offer substantial discounts on special services that will help grow your business and increase your operation's efficiency.


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iCare Local Store Marketing

Offers three Powerful Direct Response Marketing Services that bring immediate, trackable results you can actually measure: Moving Targets New Resident Direct Mail Service, Birthday Connections Custom Birthday Card Service to local residents (they know their birthdays), and Loyal Rewards Customer Emailing Service. Relax ... they do all the work for you. For a FREE local prospect count visit For more information call (800) 926-2451

iCare In-Restaurant Promotional Materials with NPI

Ring-up sales with impactful table tents, banners, posters and more! (888) 787-0877

iCare Radio Advertising Builds Brands

Drive customer traffic with effective radio advertising. (866) 428-3469

iCare Menu Design and Development from Focus Marketing

Pump-Up sales with effective and economical menu design and production. (800) 380-6348

iCare Postcards from Amazing Mail

Build immediate customer traffic with unique and attention-grabbing postcards sent directly to your customers. (888) 681-1214

iCare Website Development & Gift Certificates
powered by

Custom website built for your restaurant and generate sales with valuable gift certificates at NO OUT-OF-POCKET COST to you. (800) 979-8985

iCare Email Loyalty Marketing Program 
powered by Fishbowl Marketing

Drive repeat business, increase profits, and create lasting customer loyalty with Fishbowl Marketing's email loyalty marketing program. (727) 410-0057